this is a reminder that this is not permanent

ok so i started therapy today, and the guy that talked to me said that he won’t give me any medication for my depression, bc i’ve been depressed for way too long (basically my whole life but it got worse around 9) he said that it was “a part of me” bc a lot of shit has happened to me and not a mental illness and that he wants me to deal with it and hopefully get better and then maybe later i might need medication but hopefully not (he’s great) but he did say i have a drinking problem so i’m going to get pills for that (but i don’t have to take them everyday and you don’t get addicted) and idk i think there might be hope for me???? i’m probably going to start in a group for ppl with a self harm behaviour too (it’s kind of sad that it’s from 18 bc i’ve needed this since i was 11 but now finally 7 years later i’m going to get help with it)

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